go amiss

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At those odds a bet of a couple of hundred wouldn't go amiss, as my winners of last season will testify
Quite rightly Lord MacKenzie, above, has suggested that a little more diligent parenting wouldn't go amiss, but who do the youngsters have as role models these days?
Of course, AMs and MPs are perfectly entitled to a pension for the job they do, but a little help for the steelworkers of South Wales would not go amiss.
If the ice cream van arrives, a morsel of its wares does not go amiss.
Nice melody, begin singing, play regular Bluetones-y (sorry boys) bass line, then stop for a flashy bit of rock guitar riffs that wouldn't go amiss in an Aerosmith song.
Many will bemoan the lack of major new features here, and a more detailed match engine wouldn't go amiss, but you can't argue with the sheer depth of what's on offer.
I could improve Joe's right hook and maybe a jab through the middle wouldn't go amiss.
And please, for the sake of all our appetites, if you're going to wear peep-toe shoes, a trip to the pedicurist really wouldn't go amiss.
Philip Hobbs's 6-4 second favourite ran a lifeless race and is shaping like a break wouldn't go amiss.
A little bit of organisation all round would not go amiss.
A lot of banter and a few shenanigans never go amiss.
BLACKPOOL boss Steve McMahon will have to work hard on his side's defending or a second successive appearance in the Northern LDV final may go amiss.