go apart

See: disband
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And when they go apart unto their satans, they say: Verily we are with you; we did but mock.
It's gone the way I wanted it to go apart from some results because I do want something to show for all the efforts at the end of the season.
Maria Gray, 24, a student nurse from Ormesby, said: "I'm looking forward to it, but there's nowhere to go apart from Stockton.
After trialling with Crusaders," said the effervescent coach, "there is nowhere for them to go apart from playing in the local league, so I want to create somewhere for them to be able to show off their talents at a higher level.
They come together and go apart almost as a matter of course," he said, according to BBC, adding that these dissidents had "actually killed more civilians and people from their own community than those they would call the enemy.
He said: "I am not bothered by boos - I am booed everywhere I go apart from when we play at Newcastle and I just ignore it.
We start with an empty space, then go apart to pray.
When throwing dead fish back into the sea and lending money to Greece has failed, there is nowhere left to go apart from the tobacco counter.
She explained: "I get recognised virtually wherever I go apart from where I live and I hope it stays like that.
Where else has his brain got to go apart from stirring up trouble for the police?
In fact, I have given everything a go apart from a decent night's sleep.