go apart

See: disband
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Lust is sin,"--so say some who preach death--"let us go apart and beget no children
So, my sister, as I would not take that which I have not won, I have done so, and now do thou go apart and talk with Mopo, thy brother, alone upon this matter, as once before thou didst talk when a child was born to thee, my sister
Go apart, Adam, and thou shalt hear How he will shake me up.
He attracted little notice from the other inhabitants of the valley; for they saw nothing remarkable in his way of life, save that, when the labor of the day was over, he still loved to go apart and gaze and meditate upon the Great Stone Face.
And, sweet one, when thou shalt find thy pipe getting low, go apart into some corner, and (first filling thyself with smoke) cry sharply,
Economy Secretary Ken Skates told BBC Wales: "No single city has all of the facilities ready to go apart from London, Glasgow, or perhaps Manchester, but those cities have only recently held either the Commonwealths or the Olympics.
There is one sign at the bus lane and no where to go apart from immediate left to a dead end street (Ridley place).
Everybody's swinging, everybody's ready to go apart from Pritch," Pulis said.
A car hits the wall on the outside and all the debris has nowhere to go apart from back on the circuit.
He shared, "Just like also in a relationship, it's good to go apart sometimes.
We start with an empty space, then go apart to pray.
As in life, we go apart but meet up again, this time for lunch with all the other guests at Nusa Dua Bar.