go back

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Think as you like about me--say what you choose against me, but go back, go back to the husband you love.
Only go back to your husband, and I promise you never to communicate with him again on any pretext--never to see him--never to have anything to do with his life or yours.
Go back to that child who even now, in pain or in joy, may be calling to you.
Then why, when you were able to run away, did you go back to him?
You will go back, of course, to your brother's house, as if nothing had happened.
By ABDIMALIK HAJIRbrAbout 17,000 more refugees have said they are willing to voluntarily go back to Somalia.
That is part of the fun of football that you will get stick when you go back to an old ground.
John Sheridan's third spell at Oldham ended badly but then he had broken a golden rule of football management: never go back and, if you do go back, never go back again.
I don't know if we still have a home when we go back.
Cobie Smulders and Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back HART F CHART COURTESY OF CINEWORLD 1.
I won't go back," exclaimed defendant No 1, with emphasis.
The last reason I would like to go back to this time is because when I got my dog I found my best friend.