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Vea's previous three novels--La Maravilla (1993), The Silver Cloud Cafe (1996), and Gods Go Begging (1999)--are known to followers of high-quality experimental fiction.
0 All the weekend's footy Reds face unwanted replay against Trotters - P6,7 12 PAGE PULLOUT INSIDE action - POST MATCH Fabio | Borini and Adam Lallana see another chance go begging against Bolton on Saturday FA TROPHY Wrexham.
While this government are or have been spending millions of pounds involving themselves and us in wars that most of us don't either want or even understand, we British are having to go begging to food banks in order to feed our children and survive.
So strong is Cameron's and the Tories' love of our country that he and they sit by willingly whilst some less fortunate have to go begging for food at food banks, many in work, and have to choose to eat or heat because of fuel poverty whilst he lets energy companies rake in vast profits.
David Kolodynski saw two chances go begging as Rugby looked to pull clear, while he also had an effort ruled out for offside.
First Ian Bell was spared by Dean Brownlie, then Jonny Bairstow sliced to Kane Williamson, only for another opportunity to go begging.
Richards saw a number of opportunities go begging in the first half, but opened the scoring with a calm finish shortly after the interval.
My two were a little young to be getting involved with Halloween this time, but next year I'm going to be dressing both up and heading out to essentially go begging.