go contrary to

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The spokesperson, in response to question by the Sudan News Agency, has refuted the allegations of mass rape of 200 women in Tabit village saying such claims go contrary to the logic of things and also contradicts the customs and traditions of the local population.
These kinds of sanctions go contrary to the spirit of goodwill that should govern the [nuclear] talks.
What makes this debate fascinating, however, is that privacy laws in the UK go contrary to what one would expect with a right to breastfeed in public.
he said: "My central principle of investment is to go contrary to general opinion, on the grounds that, if everyone agreed about its merits, the investment is inevitably too dear and therefore unattractive.
If anyone expects me to go contrary to the stance of the chief rabbis of Israel - that won't happen," stressed Dahan.
It might feel right but facts might go contrary to that feel-good-ness.
Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), lodged an official protest from the GCC Member States expressing their strong condemnation of the irresponsible statements Michel Aoun, leader of the Change and Reform Bloc in the Lebanese parliament, made to Al-Alam channel on 12 February 2012 in which he misleadingly and offensively talked about the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, merely expressing prejudice views that go contrary to facts on the ground and realities in Bahrain.
But as trite as it may be, there are tendencies in human nature that go contrary to this obvious philosophy.
Human positive law should reflect the natural law and not go contrary to it.
It causes ill-feeling and resentment, and as 40 years of history show us, road signs which go contrary to official policy and deliberately ignore the Welsh language usually end up being defaced.
A novel stages conflicts in which some forces will contradict religious world views, in which characters will express sentiments contrary to traditional wisdom, and in which narrative discourse will exhibit ideas which go contrary to the Christian mind.
To deal with extreme conditions, such as we experienced in the fall of 2008, requires the imagination to find, in Peter's words, "things that will explicitly go contrary to your major bets.