go different ways

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Irreconcilable differences on the romantic front can make you and lover go different ways.
There will be times when we may differ on strategy and we may go different ways, but I think on balance when we have stayed together I think we've worked well," he said.
Our goalkeeping coach Jonathan Gould drew me up a list before the game and said different players go different ways in the main, and I made up my mind up that if Van Persie took a penalty I would go that way, and well done to him.
They hit the numbers on the scoreboard, they can go different ways.
Two tortoises, Sissi and Franz, make their predictions for a radio station in Baden-Wurttemberg by going to one trough or the other and if they go different ways, it will be a draw.
People go different ways - some stuff their faces, others can't stomach anything.
You could hit five shots and they could all go different ways so it is going to give the goalkeepers a problem," he said.
With a move to London on the cards and anguished chats with her boyfriend Ryan Thomas (who plays Jason Grimshaw in Corrie), about a long-distance relationship, it looked like their lives might go different ways.
3, the same year, Mendoza was again on a routine mission and as much as they avoid the same route of attacks, the check point to go different ways was inevitable.
There is nothing wrong with 4-4-2 but we have tended to go different ways.
While each group follows a more or less customary route, some walkers often go different ways, maybe taking a shortcut, maybe going farther than usual.