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The cashier can go down the line ringing up orders, accepting credit cards for payment, printing them to the kitchen, and emailing receipts to customers.
But I do think it is dangerous to go down the line of a player jumping into a managerial career.
One of them was to go down the line and have Bane be a straight villain.
I don't want to go down the line of ringing the referees up or making a huge issue of it because I know the officials are doing their best, but if you have got something which is potentially working well for you then you want to use it to the maximum effect.
Asked by the Western Mail what levers he would use to force GPs to open surgeries at evenings and weekends in view of the opposition of many to Labour's key election pledge, Mr Jones said: "I don't want to go down the line of being heavy handed, because I know GPs want to work in their communities and deliver a service for the people for whom they work.
He said: "The manager said the same to me as he did at Scunthorpe, get the ball and go down the line and create things.