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Go Far (centre, yellow and black) runs at Lingfield today
After falling to a perch of 88, he has been steadily making progress again and posted a recent best behind Go Far when appreciating a drop back to six furlongs.
BEIRUT: The Turkish prime minister of did well to apologize to his country's Kurdish population earlier this week but the move didn't go far enough, according to the Syriac League.
InFocus believes that the benefits of technology integration in education go far beyond the classroom by preparing students to succeed in a technology-focused world.
But the suit probably won't go far, experts say, because it doesn't relate to any other dispute before the courts.
Polls suggest that about 50 percent of the public thinks the PATRIOT Act struck the right balance, 20 percent thinks it didn't go far enough, and maybe 20 percent thinks it goes too far.
In their dissent, Smith and Avery noted that CAFTA includes extensive environmental provisions that go far beyond mandated requirements, and some of those provisions could undermine the 'free trade' aspects of the agreement.
A number of the Romanow recommendations "do not go far enough in curtailing corporate and private profiteers from undermining Medicare, particularly in many home care services.
Toews' first objection to the bill was that it did not go far enough.
In essence this means that hush-kitted aircraft can continue to operate, though this still does not go far enough for some operators.
That stab at summarizing contemporary painting was perhaps too generous to ultimately convince, but it was a commendable attempt by an artist to track obsessions that go far beyond stylistic affinities.