go into detail

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I know the story--don't go into details that only harrow your soul up unavailingly.
Well, you can form your own conclusions, and you won't want me to go into details.
Police confirmed there had been an incident, but refused to go into detail.
Our source reveals Charlotte - currently starring on MTV's Ex On The Beach 2 - will tell all: "Charlotte will go into detail about her humble Newcastle upbringing, her relationship with on-off lover Gaz Beadle, CBB and her dramatic weight loss.
A Home Office spokeswoman said she could not go into detail about whether the White Paper would include plans to allow pubs and bars to stay open all night, or whether that would be limited to non-residential areas.
The report didn't go into detail as to whether the two events were related or not.
org) that will go into detail about its World Games currently taking place in Akita, Japan, where the Netherlands is again the favorite to win.
I know said I wouldn't go into detail but I was raped by my ex-husband.
Speaking in Croatia at the launch of her new movie, Crush, she told reporters she did not want to go into detail about the places she may have had sex, but added: "If nobody sees it, its great.
Obviously, seven people were unhappy, but I'm not going to go into detail at this juncture,'' he said.
Police are refusing to go into detail about the phone or explain how they think Damilola came to have it.
While Shapiro wouldn't go into detail, he said his ex-wife had a vendetta against Jeanie Adair.