go next

See: follow, succeed
References in classic literature ?
She promised I should go next time, for this is the last ice we shall have.
I hope, at any rate," he added, "that there is nothing incoherent in this--that I want to go next Sunday to the Carmelite chapel in the Avenue de Messine.
Now," said Dorothy, as they stood on the mountain path, having left behind them the cave in which dwelt the Hoppers and the Horners, "I think we must find a road into the Country of the Winkies, for there is where Ojo wants to go next.
An' to-morrow I'll hustle around to the stables, an' if I locate anything we can rent a shack an' have all winter to think about where we'll go next year.
I determined to go next day and see the Time Traveller again.
Indeed, I foresaw pretty clearly that my jacket would go next, and that I should have to make the best of my way to Dover in a shirt and a pair of trousers, and might deem myself lucky if I got there even in that trim.
Sacred oracle of Delphi," said he, "whither shall I go next in quest of my dear sister Europa?
He hinted this week that he may yet go back into club football, stating on Twitter that he would have a big decision to make in the have a big decision to make in the f y g he needs to remember you can go next 18 months.
Ellison, though, has no plans where he will go next.
DERBY fifth Native Khan will have his next start in the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby at the Curragh on June 26, but connections of beaten Epsom favourite Carlton House have yet to decide where he will go next.
Chris Townsend, 62, a doorman from Middlesbrough, said: "Mary Byrne is my favourite, but I'd like to see Diva Fever go next.
We'll wait and see, we know where we want to go next year, we've just got to plan our way to there.