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The damage caused the electric in the house to go off.
The blasts were coordinated to go off in the morning and included a combination of parked car bombs, roadside bombs and a suicide bomber driving a vehicle that rammed into a police station.
FRANKEL could go off as short as 2-5 in the Qipco 2,000 Guineas if the raw power of his Greenham Stakes win scares off too many of his rivals in the first Classic of the season.
Lohan denies she has done anything wrong tweeting: "My SCRAM was not set off, it is physically impossible considering I have done nothing for it to go off.
The bomb was planted outside the door of Captain Saadun Mohammed Ali's home in the city of Fallujah west of Baghdad and timed to go off as he left for work, police Colonel Daud Maraawi told AFP.
Robertson left the Caledonian Stadium on crutches after having to go off following an Andy Barrowman challenge in the first half.
So I rigged another unit to make a different strobe light go off so he'd laugh, and then I'd take the picture.
They may try to fool us into thinking they're all Rambos at heart, but let a firecracker or bottle rocket go off, and my dogs are under the couch.
An official had whistled a stop after hearing the first horn go off and perceiving a disturbance near the scorers' table.
Officials said the first bomber's device did not go off completely.