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That willingness to lend the FBI's imprimatur to unverified allegations probably didn't prompt any agent to go overboard.
These devices are designed to reduce the chances of a runaway boat by turning off the motor should the boat's operator go overboard.
Some worry that state officials might go overboard in declaring property to be surplus and tightening procurement rules, making it harder for California to adjust to changing needs.
As a nation, we tend to go overboard in defeat and in victory, but the calm and level-headed attitude of the Welsh coach Mike Ruddock has been exemplary, and has kept our feet (almost) on the ground.
ALL of the banks and building societies will be having a field day now,aspeople who have already overspent in the run-up toChristmas continue to go overboard now the sales have arrived.
Sports drinks, diluted fruit juices, and plain water will do the trick, but don't go overboard with caffeine-containing drinks like soda, coffee, and tea.
The picture, which for the most part maintains the delicate balance between naturalism and fable, does go overboard in depicting the hateful--and latently homosexual--priest (Kevin Moore), who organizes the requisite lynch mob.
He's taken a while to get back on the track and we can't go overboard about his chances.
He was apparently on the bridge as the missing man was up there and actually saw him go overboard.
You'll go overboard for this week's fabulous competition because we've got SIX PlayStations, each with a copy of the latest game from Psygnosis to give away absolutely FREE.
But he cautions that parents shouldn't go overboard, because children need 30 percent fat in their diet to grow properly.
For many consumers who go overboard on holiday spending, it can take months to pay off credit card bills, and you don't want to be haunted by them long into the New Year.