go to war

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Whenever a nation or nations go to war, they mortgage the lives of future generations.
BRITAIN and the US are now ready to launch an invasion of Iraq if the decision is taken to go to war, US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld has said.
In my experience, people waiting to go to war are very stoical and have a sense of anticipation that they want to do a good job.
Also, they should not reelect the incumbent when he failed to go to war but should have, and they should reelect him when he avoids a war that would not have been a good idea.
When explaining that he would not consider American attacks on Syria a war, Kerry went a step further and said "when people are asked, do you want to go to war with Syria, of course not
That is to say that, no one with any sense would want to go to war.
But we cannot go to war simply on the say so of George Bush and must go about any military action in the right way - the way we, as a country, have signed up to.
Many congressional offices reported that they were inundated with messages from constituents saying they did not want to go to war with Iraq.
Question #3: If the United States is to go to war with Iraq, do we know how long it will last?
And if America can go to war without worrying about voters complaining when GIs come home in body bags, will we go to war less often, or more?
A North soldier's death in Iraq forced Tony Blair's decision to go to war back to the fore in the General Election campaign yesterday, just 48 hours before the nation votes.