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I LIKE MY LINES Joan says she is too scared to go under the knife
I am not ready to go under the knife, and I don't need plastic surgery - yet
UNKIND CUT: Women are under so much pressure to look perfect on their big day they go under the knife
People wanting to go under the knife will be able to take out a loan on a minimum spend of pounds 500.
The SP understands that the Manchester United defender will have to go under the knife at some stage to repair wear and tear on his groin.
But the before-and-after tale of three homely folks who go under the knife in search of beauty and happiness sucked in a fat audience of 13.
Busty Brian, who plans to go under the knife this month, says: 'I'm not good-looking and I have boobs, but women still like me
Chadwick, who is in his second month on loan at Millwall,has been playing through the pain barrier and may have to go under the knife before his spell expires.
More surgery for Dreifort: Pitcher Darren Dreifort, whose season was cut short by a knee surgery, will go under the knife again.
Since 1990, the French artist has undergone elective plastic surgery six times (and will go under the knife again in New York) in an attempt to make herself look like a computer-generated "ideal," pieced together not from spare body parts but from art-historical references--the forehead of the Mona Lisa, the eyes of a School of Fontainebleau Diana, the nose of Gerome's Psyche, the lips of Boucher's Europa, and the chin of Botticelli's Venus.
HE'S already had a hair transplant but Robbie Williams is planning to go under the knife again.
ECB bosses are putting their faith in rest and recovery during May and June, but the bone bruising in his right knee could flare up with activity, leaving him with no option but to go under the knife.