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com), today announced the three winners of the GO Network GO-Getters search, a program launched in June 1999 to reward people who embrace the Internet and use it as a tool to turn information into action.
A GO Network GO-Getter knows the measure of time and understands the value the Internet can provide by making everyday tasks easier and more time-efficient.
One thing Brown must combat is his go-getter personality, always pushing ahead with vigor.
He's a real go-getter, is very knowledgeable and understands the needs of the customer.
Fresh out of Chicago's Goodman Drama School and arriving to conquer the Big Apple to live with her boyfriend, Harris, Woodard has Mary Richards' go-getter spirit and Diane Chambers' snobbery.
An energetic go-getter with a background in education, finance, environmental law and construction is being sought to head the nation's second-largest school district.
In Israel, research published this summer found that hostility may be the most toxic component of a Type-A personality, the go-getter behavior pattern shown in past studies to increase the risk of heart disease.
And this young, easygoing go-getter organized a Valentine's Day dance, complete with balloons and refreshments, for the residents of an adult facility for developmentally disabled adults in the community.
This is a great time for someone who is a real self-starter, a go-getter,'' said LACCD board member Georgia Mercer, the only board member from the Valley.