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He actually "respected his people" and admired their courage for scratching out a living in such a god-forsaken land, Salman said.
Put it this way: Two God-forsaken weeks of "Let's play twinkle toes up on the hand railing" or "Let's see if we can scratch our boards up on that giant curve.
Our brave soldiers in these God-forsaken places are getting killed for what?
For some god-forsaken reason, this might be to show affection or some kind of support.
From the sizeable Jewish shopkeepers' quarter, across the entire area around this locality, an acrid old world lingers, a God-forsaken world, exposed to the chill of winter, to the wind that might gust down from the north, and to the trouble that had still to erupt and sweep down from very far away, from a God-forsaken town in the furthest distance where everything had all already erupted and taken place:
Although the Ramsar treaty can do little to stop illegal or legal draining of wetlands, its very existence highlights how seriously the majority of the world's countries take protecting land formerly thought of as God-forsaken and useless.
That root problem of theodicy has never been driven by abstract doctrinal questions but by the suffering of every Job, the passion of every God-forsaken one: or ones forsaken by a strong theology.
base for what many of us would consider god-forsaken places, little more than binoculars in hand, in search of some equally obscure species of bird.
If your starting point for evaluating the world around you is the firm belief that this nation is somehow endowed by Providence with unique qualities that make it morally superior to every other nation on Earth, then you are not likely to question the President when he says we are sending our troops here or there, or bombing this or that, in order to spread our values--democracy, liberty, and let's not forget free enterprise--to some God-forsaken (literally) place in the world.
To be God-forsaken is not to be ignorant of God; it is to be abandoned by God, to have a history of dealing with God that has resulted in a decisive rupture and distance.
Elton Gallegly, who represents portions of Ventura County, complained about his constituents having to move ``from a civilized world out to god-forsaken Kern County'' - the kind of comment that rankles residents of Ridgecrest.