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Very well, then" the captain said, "Let's plant the goddamned flag and let's get out of here.
Stop trying to cram it all into one goddamned story.
According to Franklin Lamb, Belgium scrapped the case after US Secretary of Defense then, Donald Rumsfeld, told Belgium: "It is your goddamned Sharon Trail or NATO Headquarter, you choose
Its intimate charms become slightly dissipated when additional cast members are brought on to perform the final two numbers: "That Goddamned Day," about a dancer having breast implant surgery during the 9/11 attacks; and "Shopping Out Loud," a paean to American consumerism that represents Jacob's most aggressive bid for commercial acceptance.
Three months in a row of not getting that goddamned list together would just be too humiliating to contemplate
Happy to oblige, returns Garr, if it means "wiping this thing off the face of the Goddamned Earth.
We were horrified, as only preteens can be, when we opened our presents from the Norwegian neighbor down the street and found those goddamned crosses.
I'll be goddamned how the Germans didn't know we were coming," a sailor aboard HMCS Canso said.
But I'll build the goddamned fence if they want it.
With mixed results: "I think the fence is least effective" as a border policy, Maverick said, before Kiss-Ass kicked in with a sop to the base: "But I'll build the goddamned fence if they want it.
Johnson then proceeded to lecture the attorney general on how he was going to break "this goddamned Harvard" hold on government positions through his new library by "taking a hundred people and turning them out of Texas every year and make the University of Texas finance it" (p.