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If I can celebrate the swoop of a young daughter's hips one day and she can see herself as godly more easily than I've been able to, it will be worth the effort.
Godly Play is an American method of teaching and understanding Christianity, usually involving objects and symbols.
Recent theorists have focused on possible links between godly love and benevolence qua love expressed toward others (e.
Our once Godly nation is rapidly sliding into a moral morass because we have looked to men, not God, and have followed other idols.
Robert was a Godly man, with a caring soul and a passion for his family and friends, and Dallas Cowboy football.
Welcome to Godly Play, a tactile, creative, interactive approach to children's Christian education and storytelling developed over 30 years by the Rev.
Zionists have totally twisted C* Judaism and what is humane, and godly," Rabbi Weiss said on the sidelines of the International Conference on the Global Fight against Terrorism in the Iranian capital of Tehran in June 2011.
Rodman Williams Professor of Theology, Regent University School of Divinity, Virginia Beach, Virginia), "The Science and Theology of Godly Love" is a 237-page compendium comprised of ten erudite, insightful, informed and informative essays deftly exploring the interdisciplinary study of 'Godly Love'.
THE Godly Play Classroom was launched on Saturday last week at Slaithwaite Methodist Church.
Zeus is betrayed by Hades and his godly son Ares, who have forged a pact with Kronos to retain their immortality once hell is unleashed upon the Earth.
I'M IN HEAVEN The harp is played in heaven Where the streets are paved with gold And the breeze that blows is scented Not too hot and not too cold And the music played is Godly Unlike the row from down below Where all the sinners of the world And the rock and rollers go You sip your tea in Heaven From pure golden crockery Sweetened with the nectar from A stingless honey bee But way down there they're screamin' Drinking much more than their fill Dancing to the devil's music Brewing whiskey from a still This heaven place is tranquil Like they say we're on cloud nine Where everyone's as good as gold And it's like that all the time But sometimes I get restless When I look at them below Where all the sinners of the world And the rock and rollers go by Dowie Rice, Mollingham
Godly Seed: American Evangelicals Confront Birth Control, 1873-1973 examines the history and process by which evangelical leaders eventually moved from being against contraception to accepting birth control and even briefly abortion.