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It just goes to prove that the thought that some deluded people have got to open this pool as an open air swimming attraction would be an absolute joke and I can only think that possibly for two months of the year you might get some hardy souls going down there, suitably attired, to take a quick plunge before scuttling out again.
This only goes to prove just how many cars were using Stoney Road and Humphrey Burton Road as a rat run.
I have always said MPs and councillors lack common sense and this decision goes to prove it.
It all goes to prove that technology may be developing at an amazing rate, but the gremlins that plague us every day are still there grinning at us.
It all goes to prove that age really is just a number.
Apparently this is not so - which just goes to prove how illogical, stupid and unfair the whole system of pay at Westminster is.
Just goes to prove that it's only when a trip is hijacked by a minority of knuckle-scraping morons - like those in Barcelona for the Andorra game - do you feel the need for a good boil wash at the mere thought of being English.
That just goes to prove this is a team that can play under any circumstances,'' Bryson said.
The Maine law is a terrific victory," says Michael Silveman, an advocate in the case against Advantage Security and executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, "and it goes to prove a point.
Jon Williams part-owner of the triple Category One winner said: 'They all looked good strong puppies and the fact there were so many of them in his first litter just goes to prove Tims Crow is as virile as he was fast
The actions of this lady only goes to prove that Merseyside people are inherently honest and reassures me,as an ex-pat Scouser how proud I am to come from Merseyside.
Just goes to prove you ain't got an accident till she smashes to a stop, so keep flyin' it.