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WALL. A building or erection so well known as to need no definition. In general a man may build a wall on any part of his estate, to any height he may deem proper, and in such form as may best accommodate him; but he must take care not to erect a wall contrary to the local regulations, nor in such a manner as to be injurious to his neighbors. See Dig. 50, 16, 157. Vide Party Wall.

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All I can tell you," she told a group of lesbian activists, "is that Canada went to the wall on the issue, and its the only country that goes to the wall on this issue every single time.
The top ranking goes to The Wall Street Journal and WSJ.
Simon Arrowsmith, head of commercial property at Birming-ham law firm Martineau Johnson, said: "If a company goes to the wall, the bank takes possession of the land to cover its liability but if the site is contaminated and remains in the bank's ownership for any length of time, the law could take the view that it has knowingly permitted the pollution to continue.