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Going round by the Church, she saw lights there, and the door open; and went up the steps and looked in.
If ever there was a roundabout less likely to keep the traffic going round, then the Haudagain roundabout at the foot of North Anderson Drive takes the biscuit.
If going round for tea is a regular thing, make it less regular.
We're going round all the paths and pushing in bamboo canes or hazel sticks with twine tied between them.
That was the fastest actual time of the session, although Droopys Boo had earlier posted the quickest calculated, Chris Kyme's Tony Morris Memorial runner-up going round in 28.
It turned out Ellison had been going round the Cresswell arms pub, in Newbiggin, asking people to lie for him, with Ashurst eventually agreeing.
DENVER, March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- What's Going Round, (WGR) a web 2.