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Thousands of accumulators were resting on Liverpool and Manchester City the following day and both did the business with something to spare, leaving bookies going spare.
Three grade eights in music later, I still can't touch my toes and haven't got a spangly all-in-one, but there's nobody better to get a party started when there's a keyboard going spare.
Loads of people skipped the party altogether to keep a clear head - and that meant there were extra drinks going spare.
When things go wrong and all is strife, Don't bloody, blast and swear, Don't lose your rag, going spare, STAY COOL - you've only got one life.
Dylan is also a cracking visual artist known for vibrant watercolour and gouache paintings and his latest collection is on show at Castle Fine Art in Newcastle, where fans can buy signed limited-edition prints - if they have upwards of PS1,750 going spare.
But ambulance bosses deny the PS34m identified by the GMB is cash going spare.
Glorious graphics and a dark subtle storyline, along with a slightly extended play-through time ensure that The Room Two comfortably hurdles the impressively high benchmark the original game set, and is well worth two golden nuggets going spare in your pocket.
If there's PS127,000 going spare designed to be spent in Maesteg, it should be spent in Maesteg, not covering up officers' mistakes in Porthcawl.
The Forestry Commission or Friends of Chopwell Woods had promised to cut one down and donate it to the village, but instead the environmental services department at the council had one going spare.
Anyone already taking part in the trial will also get a chance to nominate three friends to join in - as long as each of them also has another 1,500 dollars going spare, and is willing to chip in with more feedback.
Surely if there's money going spare in ANY charity it ought to go straight back to the charity NOT into the pockets of its bosses?