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I think the initial decision was ludicrous and was never going to prove viable.
That sets a decent standard but she steps up in trip again and there is no guarantee she's going to prove as suited to this surface as Tapeta or Polytrack.
I will be training like a challenger and I am going to prove to the world how good I am and prove that I am better.
What is he going to prove with a written complaint?
Street dancer Glen Coe (Royal Navy) is being lined up to appear on 'Britain's Got Talent' and Greenfield's coach Edwin Cleary said: "Sean tells me he's going to prove he's a better boxer - and a better dancer
That contest is clearly going to prove key with shock winner Prime Defender aiming to prove that was no fluke, while the third home Main Aim is also engaged.
My career definitely isn't on the slowburner and I'm going to prove that against Tony.
I kept showing the girls those articles and told them, `Look what they're saying about you -- are you going to prove to them different?
With brands like Marks & Sparks, Next, Boots and TK Maxx on the doorstep, it's going to prove an irresistible magnet for shoppers, particularly for those in the Valleys who up until now have had to drag into Cardiff or head west to Bridgend and Swansea for the top shops.
Dumanski and Schutt both point out that, while inexpensive furniture may be easier on the pocket book, in the long run it is going to prove more costly because it may not last and it may not be suitable for the work environment.