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We're going to seed him on the inside, but hoping he doesn't get trap one which is exceptionally close to the rails there, more so than at most tracks.
PAST IT Over the hill and down we go Our age is now beginning to show Toothbrush and comb we do not need Were already going to seed We cannot chew and we cannot run It''s really not that much fun But still we laugh and still we smile We hope to be around for quite a while When you stop enjoying a beer You know its time you were not here And when it''s time for me to go God bless and cheerio Don''t forget me when I am gone And you may be joining me before too long?
If you, as a member of the baby boom generation, are about to reach retirement age, then give "Skinning The Cat" a very careful reading--it could well mean the difference between enjoyment and boredom, becoming productive or simply going to seed after you reach 65 and the social security years of your life span.