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GOLD. A metal used in making money, or coin. It is pure when the metal is unmixed with any other. Standard gold, is gold mixed with some other metal, called alloy. Vide Money.

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and Erin Miller, Broker/Owners of CENTURY 21 Gold Dust, stated, “Buying CENTURY 21 Gold Dust Realty, and the commercial building at 133 Brunswick Road was a highlight in our lives.
Past exploratory drilling revealed these sites had gold buried underground, but the areas were undisturbed by further mining activity that might have contaminated the trees with gold dust.
Police began an investigation this week after a Pfizer employee conducting inventory could not find the gold dust that was purchased last year for use in research, the St Louis Post-Dispatch reported.
Amos, a classically trained musician, talked about Gold Dust and how she has forged new paths for American singer-songwriters.
He told the court that he returned the gold dust and that its amount was less than what was mentioned on the arraignment sheet.
She tells Insider: "I know Alma de Cuba really well, after living in the city for five years as a student, and it is the perfect setting for the Gold Dust video because it is striking and intimate at the same time.
It was while doing exactly that this week that I noticed thousands of tiny particles of gold dust glinting in the sunlight in my living room.
of a nightmare, her hands drenched in gold dust, her panic like the thin
Zac has always heard his grandfather speak of gold dust and maps and a prince sold into slavery many years before in Ghana, and dismissed it as just an old man's obsession, but the murder puts the family story in a new perspective because there are people who obviously will kill for this information.
The legend began with the story of a tribal chief who covered himself with gold dust.
Tickets to see Hazel O'Connor (right) at The Fletch, in Fletchamstead Highway were like gold dust when she played there with Coventry band The Subterraneans, on May 18.
Yard is making 200 two-pound Valrhona organic bittersweet chocolate Oscar statuettes with 24-karat gold dust blown on them to decorate the platters.