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4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Sour Patch Kids, the Sour Then Sweet candy, today announced its collaboration with Grammy award-winning, hip-hop artist Method Man, who stars in the new rap music video for his single, "World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids).
This notion of a partnership gone sour "reinforces the view that these mutualisms are not stable endpoints," Hibbet says.
Tsutsumi, who played a key role in pushing for Seiyo's aggressive expansion that has gone sour, will apparently raise the cash by selling stocks he holds in the various Saison group companies.
But she's gone sour on being sweet and hopes to keep causing a stir.
Apfelbaum, 47, became the company's chairman, president, and CEO in 1989, when New York-based TDI was a leveraged buy-out gone sour, and he was called to the rescue by investment bankers Dillon, Read & Co.
From 1989 through 1991, the bank's loan-loss provision, which is money put aside to cover loans gone sour, grew 33% from $1.
They finally received the green light from the Board of Estimate in its last session when the development market had already gone sour.
11, Wasatch has had to regroup as a result of a substantial investment gone sour.
A lack of oversight and risk management are being blamed for a $266 million real estate deal that's gone sour, leaving the State Board of Administration with a gaping hole in its budget.
Police chief Simon Kiragu said: "We are trying to determine whether this was an assassination or a robbery gone sour.