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MILE, measure. A length of a thousand paces, or seventeen hundred and sixty yards, or five thousand two hundred and eighty feet. It contains eight furlongs, every furlong being forty poles, and each pole sixteen feet six inches. 2 Stark. R. 89.

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John Lewis has gone the extra mile to promote The Heath Business Park
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Do you want to honor someone who has gone the extra mile for you?
From those essays, we highlight four moms who have gone the extra mile for their children.
has demonstrated to the editors of BiometriTech that its products or services have gone the extra mile to create a truly innovative product," said Rich Tehrani, president and group publisher of BiometriTech.
We're confident that our engineers have gone the extra mile and come up with a plan that will work,'' said Caltrans spokeswoman Jeanne Bonfilio.