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At summer's end a marigold bush will wither and die after its flowers have all gone to seed, but if the flowers are snipped, the plant is reinvigorated to blossom again and again and again.
But it has gone to seed, and today farmworkers pay exorbitant rents for a chance to live in near squalor.
John, Caravaggio gives the model his role to play unpersuasively, so that the boy seems not devoured by ascetic passion, but gone to seed, like a boy of the streets, sitting in an uncomfortable pose.
Anderson tells of Che's Argentinean childhood with aristocratic, free-thinking parents, whose fortunes had gone to seed.
She has hardly gone to seed in the 23 years since then - a man could STILL be arrested for what he's thinking when he claps eyes on her.
THE SPECIALS Maida Vale Studios, London "I CAN'T tell you how thrilled I am to be here tonight," deadpans Terry Hall, looking like Dennis The Menace gone to seed in his stripy jumper.