good breeding

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Shattuck, whose novel The Hazards of Good Breeding was a finalist for the PEN/Winship Award, sheds new light on World War II's aftermath and the families left behind, and raises poignant questions about blind loyalty: "Could you see a person's soul in their face?
Job done Good breeding has never guaranteed success, and connections of many choicely bred fillies wait in vain for the win that can add considerably to their value as broodmares.
Make sure that there are no containers or anything that can have stagnant water, which would serve as a good breeding site for the mosquitoes," he noted.
Increasing hot tropical weather makes it a good breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Ali Jassim al-Kuwari, general supervisor of the turtle protection programme at the Wildlife Protection Department, the Ministry of Environment, said Qatar paid special attention to the protection of the marine turtles found at Fuwayrit beach to give them a good breeding season and adequate protection as an endangered species.
Stock tanks are good breeding habitat for mosquitoes.
So Hart takes Eggsy under his wing and enrols the young man in a gruelling training programme run by Arthur (Michael Caine) against more eloquent and refined peers, who believe good breeding will see them through.
There are less garbage bags on platforms which are good breeding ground for rats.
Trees and shrubs provide good breeding sites for robins and wrens, as well as shelter for voles.
And in her new show Good Breeding, which comes to Stockton's ARC on Wednesday, she explains why.
It is clearly a good breeding ground for young strikers.
Spending at least 10 minutes day training has allowed Roscoe to develop some impressive skills, but Martin said that good breeding is where it all started.