good chance

References in classic literature ?
I'd rather not have, but he gave me no peace till I said I would, if I got a good chance.
So, if all these things happen together, you have a good chance of seeing a Fairy--or at least a much better chance than if they didn't.
He didn't see Diggs, and thought it a good chance to keep his hand in; and as the boys didn't move for him, struck one of them, to make them get out of his way.
Twas a pity,' he said, `that such a fine horse should go to the bad, for want of a real good chance,' and the end of it was that I came here not long before you did; but I had then made up my mind that men were my natural enemies and that I must defend myself.
Here is a good chance to observe the country by daylight, while I am riding slowly and at my ease.
Would n't it be a good chance to say a word for Jenny?
I see a good chance now," added Ned, who had taken the small charge from his weapon, replacing it with a heavier one.
Here was an unexpectedly good chance to get this unwelcome orphan off her hands, and she did not even feel grateful for it.
It was a hundred to one that some good chance would fall in his way; the longer he thought of it, the less possible it seemed that he should not have a good chance, and the less reasonable that he should not equip himself with the powder and shot for bringing it down.
He didn't deserve the best place in one of the best offices in London; he didn't deserve an equally good chance in one of the best mercantile houses in China; he didn't deserve food, clothing, pity, and a free passage home -- and he got them all.
Having formed her mind and gained her affections, he had a good chance of her thinking like him; though at this period, and on this subject, there began now to be some danger of dissimilarity, for he was in a line of admiration of Miss Crawford, which might lead him where Fanny could not follow.
He was one of those choice spirits who abhor everything that is common, and who often lose a good chance through not taking the way of the vulgar, that high road of mediocrity which leads to everything.