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Most statistical tables are parchingly dry in the reading; not so in the present case, however, where the reader is flooded with whole pipes, barrels, quarts, and gills of good gin and good cheer.
Be of good cheer, and lead the King to the hill just outside the city walls.
Mrs Musgrove was of a comfortable, substantial size, infinitely more fitted by nature to express good cheer and good humour, than tenderness and sentiment; and while the agitations of Anne's slender form, and pensive face, may be considered as very completely screened, Captain Wentworth should be allowed some credit for the self-command with which he attended to her large fat sighings over the destiny of a son, whom alive nobody had cared for.
Retreat of the Blackfeet Fontenelle's camp in danger Captain Bonneville and the Blackfeet Free trappers Their character, habits, dress, equipments, horses Game fellows of the mountains Their visit to the camp Good fellowship and good cheer A carouse A swagger, a brawl, and a reconciliation
The confidante is present, observes all, goes to tell her mistress, who listens with tears and says that one of her greatest distresses is not knowing who this knight is, and whether he is of kingly lineage or not; the damsel assures her that so much courtesy, gentleness, and gallantry of bearing as her knight possesses could not exist in any save one who was royal and illustrious; her anxiety is thus relieved, and she strives to be of good cheer lest she should excite suspicion in her parents, and at the end of two days she appears in public.
The second exhibition to open its doors this week is the group exhibition Beautiful Art and a Cup of Good Cheer by Katie Sabry, Kelly Norman, Julie Menelaou and Amber Wellard.
After a lot of thought and good cheer, the best place was the pub for a meal and a beer.
On Saturday, June 13, between 1pm and 2pm on Queen Street, near New Look, the group will be spreading their good cheer and encouraging passers-by to Say No To Drugs as part of their nationwide tour.
Love makes the world go round and app Darling is focused on spreading good cheer this Valentine ' s Day.
CHARLIE "Mailman" Flynn has made a special delivery of good cheer to young fighters at Glasgow's Yorkhill Hospital.
At one point many believed he was destined to carry on Thatcher's bad work but rather than No 10 he has ended up in our living rooms, bringing us good cheer from across the rail network.
There are only a few days to go until Santa Claus loads up his sleigh and begins making his magical rounds of the Earth, dispensing gifts and good cheer to all the good girls and boys.