good disposition

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It was a sign of his good disposition that he did not slacken at all in his intention of carrying out Dorothea's design of the cottages.
As soon as this was over we married them; and after the marriage was over, he turned to Will Atkins, and in a very affectionate manner exhorted him, not only to persevere in that good disposition he was in, but to support the convictions that were upon him by a resolution to reform his life: told him it was in vain to say he repented if he did not forsake his crimes; represented to him how God had honoured him with being the instrument of bringing his wife to the knowledge of the Christian religion, and that he should be careful he did not dishonour the grace of God; and that if he did, he would see the heathen a better Christian than himself; the savage converted, and the instrument cast away.
We were sorry for the poor dear girl and found so much to admire in the good disposition which had survived under such discouragement that we both at once (I mean Ada and I) proposed a little scheme that made her perfectly joyful.
The best way to avoid being hurt by cattle is to handle them properly (this creates less chance of getting them frightened, upset or on the fight), handle them enough to train them (so they know you, and know what to expect from you, and accept you as boss), and select for good disposition and calm individuals when keeping replacement heifers for a herd or when choosing a bull.
Mick Channon, trainer of Tawaabb "He's always shown a lot of speed and has a good disposition.
Early in the book Setiya argues, roughly, that a consideration counts as a reason for [phi]-ing just in case the disposition to be moved to [phi] by that consideration is a good disposition of practical thought--that is, just in case it is good as a disposition of practical thought.
ISS is always willing to help the client, with good disposition and customer service, focused on solving problems, adding value to their management.
Elaborating about the good disposition of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Sheikh Ateeg said the Prophet (Peace be upon him), who was a living example of the holy Quran, said people would mostly enter paradise due to good manners.
A better response to these questions, and a concomitant end for attending to dispositions, would be that we want teachers of good disposition because we want them to have the virtues, habits of mind, and/or professional judgment that constitute effective and responsible teaching and to realize all of the noble ends of education.
He's got a good disposition and is very level-headed, but if you're not winning at Liverpool then the criticism will come.
He generally has a good disposition and is starting to initiate affection.
It's a sense of pure joy to recognize that we've been given intelligence, a sunrise to see, a good disposition, friends at different points in life, or whatever or whomever we have in our lives for which to be thankful.