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Mehmood said that Karatekas from Fata have earned a good name for the country in each and every sport which they played and have demonstrated to the world that they are essentially a peace-loving people.
He appreciated the sportsmanship, discipline and good organization of the event by the tournament that would earn good name and respect for the Pakistani community in France.
That good name has been tarnished for this supposedly religious organisation will for ever be associated with evil and not education.
Our consumers strive to give themselves a good name in a variety of ways including the opportunities they pursue, their responses to every day situations and through the brands they choose.
As far as Senator Leyden is concerned, the Bill is designed to prevent the good name of a deceased individual from being diminished but more so to ensure that the immediate family can get on with their lives without their dignity being lowered in the eyes of the public as a result.
Mr Caborn said: "We can't let a few unscrupulous cheats drag the good name of sport through the mud.
If we choose to become part of an organisation, society or religious group, then I believe we bear a responsibility for the good name of that group.
Imagine a reality show where the competitors are sweet, quirky folks who don't sleep around or slander each other's good name and where you find yourself cheering for them all.
Rupert Arnold, chief executive of the National Trainers' Federation, on the need to protect the good name of racing
We used to have The Graves, which would be a good name for a band if it weren't my last name.
corporate communicators, public affairs and marketing officers, management consultants), can leverage and capitalize on their (or their executive's) good name.