good nature

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In spite of his absent-mindedness and good nature, Pierre's personality immediately checked any attempt to ridicule him to his face.
But Dobbin would not allow this good nature and generosity to be balked, and so accommodated Mr.
And through it all, on moccasined feet, moved Daylight, hell-roaring Burning Daylight, over-spilling with good nature and camaraderie, howling his he-wolf howl and claiming the night as his, bending men's arms down on the bars, performing feats of strength, his bronzed face flushed with drink, his black eyes flashing, clad in overalls and blanket coat, his ear-flaps dangling and his gauntleted mittens swinging from the cord across the shoulders.
As Flora's good nature shone in the case, Clennam had no fault to find with the old lady for eliciting it, now that he was relieved from the terrors of her presence; and they took a glass or two of wine in peace.
Periodically there will be conmen trying to take advantage of people's good natures.
These are the sort of people that are remembered in this sport for their kind gestures and good natures.
In retrospect, those sad cowards who punched, kicked and taunted us at random had some profound envy at our good natures and respectable upbringing.