good sense

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Why when the girl was asked what qualities they were looking for a guy, most people said a good sense of humor?
Dennis: I'm attracted to women with a good sense of humor, have a positive outlook, and are beautiful inside and out.
I am a pretty, ordinary and positive lady and I want to meet a gallant, intelligent, caring man who has a good sense of humour.
There's all sorts of nonsense written in parts of the Bible - yet at its essence is a lot of good sense.
It is remarkable that both the Syrian and Turkish governments had the good sense to draw back from outright confrontation.
The gun shop owner with a good sense of timing and a good sense of current market value can often make a better profit selling a secondhand firearm than a new one.
The Lebanese are trustworthy and capable of facing future challenges wisely, with a good sense and strong will," Assiri said following a meeting with former Speaker Hussein al-Husseini at the latter's residence in the Beirut neighborhood of Ain al-Tineh.
The women in the study also judged the men who had a good sense of humour as more honest and said that they would be more likely to become friends with them.
9 : showing good sense or judgment <good advice>
They lose whatever good sense they might possess, sneaking out with Mariah, lying to their parents, drinking, experimenting.
Many of the left-hand accompaniments will be easier for students with larger hands, such as older students, but will work equally well with younger students who have a good sense of physical freedom and can sweep laterally across the keyboard.

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