good standing

References in classic literature ?
To-day we number four Emperors of the Abnormal Proboscis in good standing - doubles every four weeks, see?
But they were of good standing, had always been considered truthful, were sober at the time of the occurrence, and nothing ever transpired to discredit their sworn account of their extraordinary adventure, concerning the truth of which, nevertheless, public opinion was divided, throughout the United Kingdom.
Perhaps, if all were known, the Marquis was not her kinsman at all, nor her mother, her mother; but there was evidence that, in Berlin, where we had first come across the pair, they had possessed acquaintances of good standing.
You have known my father and my kin: is not my family one of good standing and repute?
Blamed little he'd work in that shop, or any other shop in Oakland, if he didn't keep in good standing with the Blacksmiths.
The Dyspeptics, too, are people of good standing in the world.
Almost at the same moment, Afanasy Ivanovitch Totski, a man of immense wealth, high connections, and good standing, announced his intention of marrying.
HB 1730, signed March 21, eliminates the requirement that all five individuals on the Arkansas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board be "members in good standing of one of The Appraisal Foundation member organizations.
Cutting annual membership fees to $100 (from $265) and CLE costs by 50 percent for "senior" Bar members--those 70 and older who have been members in good standing for 20 years--was proposed by a subcommittee and discussed by the full committee October 20 during the Bar's Fall Meeting.
Companies that need to obtain Certificate of Good Standing from the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in Cebu will no longer have to wait for two weeks to get the document as the agency has significantly cut its processing time to one day.
The PDK Emerging Leader program is open to PDK members in good standing who are innovators, thought leaders, problem solvers, and change agents age 40 or younger who are working to improve K-12 education.
DCECU members received these givebacks via a year-end loan interest rebate, which rebated borrowers in good standing 50% of the total interest they paid on all eligible DCECU loans during 2012; a member saver reward, which gave depositors in good standing an additional 50% of the dividends/interest they earned on DCECU deposits in 2012; DCECU Visa check card rebates of 0.