good nature

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He had always been irreligious, scoffing good-naturedly at the sky-pilots and their immortality of the soul.
And there, in the stern, sheet in one hand and tiller in the other, grinning and nodding good-naturedly, sat Demetrios Contos.
We 've used up all there was in the jug," said Polly, good-naturedly, beginning again.
the Queen said good-naturedly, taking a little box out of her pocket.
Dobbin was already in the room, good-naturedly tending his patient of the night before.
His good-naturedly beaming face above the embroidered collar of his uniform beamed more than ever when he recognized the man coming up.
You have only to command," the Prince assured him good-naturedly.
I'm not a-going to tell tales out of school, but, damme, if every gentleman's son that carries arms in our corps, through being under a cloud and having little differences with his relations, was counted up'--here his eye fell on Joe again, and so good-naturedly, that Joe beckoned him out.
She asked him, when he stopped good-naturedly to shake hands with her before going in, how long he had worked there?
Glegg, good-naturedly patting Maggie on the back, "nonsense, nonsense
Rightly called the Dave Barry of entomology, May Berenbaum enlightens readers with insect factoids while poking fun good-naturedly at her fellow bug-eyed scholars.
It's in the commissioners who doggedly plod their weary way between the residence and the assembly hall, line up good-naturedly for cafeteria food and sleep in monks' cells.