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Goodly presents a textbook for a first course in disability studies for college students in a range of majors.
When on my goodly charger borne " Ieuan felt a cold hand touch his.
Both named organizations spearheading the initiative, and presumably obtaining a goodly amount of the bounty, are Startupbootcamp that supervises accelerator programmes across the world, and R/GA Media Group.
While I have a goodly amount of material to work with and on which I base the storyline, I would appreciate more.
However a well-stocked stall, aided by home-baking from the children at the school attracted plenty of customers so a goodly sum was raised for the school and at least our traders lived to tell the tale.
She often spoke of parents as being cruel if they allowed their children to develop bad habits which afterwards had to be broken if the child was to lead a goodly life.
The Bible calls instead for peri etz hadar ("the fruit of goodly trees") or, perhaps, "the goodly fruit of trees".
GREAT WAR In the vicinity of the civic building, not withstanding that the arrival was earlier than generally anticipated, a crowd of goodly proportions had gathered and as the Lord Mayor's carriage drew up the onlookers made a rush towards the entrance of the hall.
Amusingly tuned in to William Shatner's bluster, Chris Pine is the cocky young James T Kirk in a bright, beaming franchise reboot from the goodly Bad Robot bods, who then went boldly Into Darkness.
Best of all, a goodly number of the songs hold up well on their own, so an evening of the songs being performed by Andy Cummings, Denise Cascione, Aimee Kewley and Derek Sylvester sounds like an enormously fun night.
Author/webmaster Amsler and architect Schott have carefully researched Maritz and Young's contributions, including a goodly part of the photographic record, and they present this volume complete with floor plans, interior and exterior photographs, and views of elevations, along with photographs of the elites who were the first generation to be able to enjoy the homes.
I would gladly pay a goodly price to put a four-inch barrel up front on my Walther, and it would attract me even more if that extension was threaded for a suppressor.