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They are always saying, "Yes, he was in Jerusalem when we heard of him last, but goodness knows where he is now.
Goodness knows how much it has cost to put together but it is not cheap.
Multiply this by goodness knows how many incidents, and it's little wonder that our council is going to pot.
Good for him, it's quite refreshing to have someone stand up and be counted, goodness knows the sports needs it.
They are distracting for pedestrians and drivers alike and goodness knows what would happen if they are shone at a low flying aircraft.
Goodness knows what the Chicane Phantom Coupe cost its customer but he at least can be certain he has a unique car for his money.
It is August now but it's blooming cold of a night time so goodness knows how it will be round Christmas time.
Also, goodness knows where the writer gets the idea that the team is full of foreigners, as it is not.
Goodness knows, those seeking work in these times of great uncertainty could do with the hope it might engender.
Shops and stores know how tough it is out there - goodness knows, they have suffered too - so there are more price cuts and bargains than ever before.
WHILE this government deliberates on how many millions we can or should give in overseas aid and while many residents in the UK announce that all overseas aid should be stopped and quote that old saying - charity begins at home, a scientist in this country, Dr Dom Lane, a consultant food researcher, is paid to conduct lengthy experiments using 2,000 slices of bread and goodness knows how much electricity in order to determine the best way to produce the best slice of toast.
He does not judge us, though goodness knows, some of us surely do deserve it.