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The rest of the guests (an old tutor or schoolmaster, goodness knows why invited; a young man, very timid, and shy and silent; a rather loud woman of about forty, apparently an actress; and a very pretty, well-dressed German lady who hardly said a word all the evening) not only had no gift for enlivening the proceedings, but hardly knew what to say for themselves when addressed.
I must openly admit that I have no pretensions,' said Flora, 'but having known the dear little thing which under altered circumstances appears a liberty but is not so intended and Goodness knows there was no favour in half-a-crown a-day to such a needle as herself but quite the other way and as to anything lowering in it far from it the labourer is worthy of his hire and I am sure I only wish he got it oftener and more animal food and less rheumatism in the back and legs poor soul.
Next, the butter--the sham and tasteless butter; no salt in it, and made of goodness knows what.
Fact is, I reckon we'd come to consider him OUR nigger; yes, we did consider him so -- goodness knows we had trouble enough for him.
Goodness knows what sort of help medical staff could expect if a separatist Scotland had to rely on its own resources.
Goodness knows what she is going on about regarding her neighbour.
Multiply this by goodness knows how many incidents, and it's little wonder that our council is going to pot.
Good for him, it's quite refreshing to have someone stand up and be counted, goodness knows the sports needs it.
They are distracting for pedestrians and drivers alike and goodness knows what would happen if they are shone at a low flying aircraft.
It is August now but it's blooming cold of a night time so goodness knows how it will be round Christmas time.
Goodness knows what the form is if he's just popped behind the damask drapes to open a window.
Goodness knows, those seeking work in these times of great uncertainty could do with the hope it might engender.