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Producer Lorne Michaels is hoping that all those goofball crashes bring in audiences and continue his track record of launching movie stars from the "SNL" stable.
Milbank lists some of the Bushisms-"terriers and bariffs" instead of "tariffs and barriers"--that made him a late-night comedy hit and led some critics to regard him as an amiable, thoughtless goofball.
The lab nickname for her robot, the fembot, came from the scantily clad, electronic beauties that fooled espionage goofball Austin Powers in The Spy Who Shagged Me.
For every manifesto the group bangs out, there's a goofball moment like its Devo homage on the cover of last year's Are We Not Femme?
Lark's biggest problem is Skip the Motorboy - a goofball who reckons his skateboard is a motorcycle
Among the most disturbing predictions is that Daubert will open the door to even more goofball science since it no longer requires a general consensus of the scientific community.
Meet Globox: As Rayman's ever-faithful partner, the bumbling, belly-acious, ever-smiling Globox is a wonderful goofball, offering many opportunities to tap into Mr.
It doesn't help that the former is an eccentric goofball who can't wait to hang up his badge for cocktails on the beach while his partner is an antsy drip who's reluctantly roped into the score by degrees.
From the offset, goofball Private is identified as the black penguin of the operation.
The show ended in 2006, but quickly gained a new audience on late-night TV with fans who enjoyed the goofball comedic stylings of Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and a series of rotating guests.
I''m kind of a goofball and Zac is a goofball, so together it was just debauchery, she said.
He may seem like a big goofball, but he will settle down quickly in a normal home environment.