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A spindly creature with moon glasses, Lindsay still looks like the college goofball, "no wave" roots still showing, reminding us of his beginnings with DNA in the late 70s.
It couldn't be further from the goofball mugging he got away with in Joey for half a million series of the New York comedy, featuring a group of sometimes irritatingly witty chums edging towards 40 who we were all meant to believe were still in their 20s.
t then ends with a goofball black and white dancing sequence.
We could all buy him as a goofball in Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy, but recently he's taken to playing a regular Joe in movies such as Spanglish and Grown Ups.
What I saw was not some goofball with a hankie tied around his mouth but a guy in jeans and a green t-shirt totally at ease with himself and all those around him, busy putting the kids through their paces of a complicated dance routine" Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans on encountering Jackson backstage at rehearsals for the Brit Awards.
Among a selection of comedies in this year's festival is goofball spy parody Burn After Reading, which stars George Clooney and Brad Pitt and is the latest offering from the Coen brothers.
Amid frequent jokes, he'll try to enhance a goofball image by trying to convince you he's a struggling student whose favorite pastime is juggling.
To the delight of the critics, there was plenty of horrible, goofball shit that made the event seem not-that-far-removed from any average X-Games thing.
HE'S the big screen's most successful goofball, but now Brendan Fraser is taking a serious turn in an adaptation of the Graham Green novel The Quiet American.
The cleverest example of Meadows' ability to equalize the sublime and the goofball is Untitled, 1997, which looks for all the world like a tilted, upside-down picnic table perched atop a pair of intersecting cartoony-hill shapes.
Meet Globox: As Rayman's ever-faithful partner, the bumbling, belly-acious, ever-smiling Globox is a wonderful goofball, offering many opportunities to tap into Mr.
t The American teen goofball offered fans the chance to pick via his website where he would stage his next big concert.