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A re ba tsisitse pego ya komiti eo kwa morafeng mme fa e le gore ba ganana le tshwetso ya komiti eo o tlaa isa matshwanyego a bone kwa go ba bagolwane go ya go bona gore ba tlaa rarabolola jang matshwenyego a bone.
Two other articles accuse Gore supporters of attempting a "coup.
For example, Gore did not claim to have discovered Love Canal but, rather, to have conducted hearings on the situation.
The fact that Gore made South Beach his final stop was astounding," says Robert Bailey, who has studied the gay vote as associate professor of public policy at Rutgers University in New Jersey.
They took place only in heavily Democratic counties chosen by Gore.
You don't have to be snippy about it," Gore shot back.
Q: So you say to people who just can't stand Al Gore .
Vice-President Gore had hoped to avoid a serious Democratic challenge, assuming that general satisfaction with President Clinton's policies (if not Clinton himself), as well as a lock on those pre-selected "super-delegates" who cast one-fourth of the nomination votes, would eliminate potential competition.
During his Atlanta speech, Gore several times reiterated his support for church-state separation.