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The implications of that certitude are complicated, and in that apparent confidence lie the origins not just of Gore's ambition ("We raised him for it," his father said when Gore was nominated for vice president) but of his uneven public style (the tendency to lecture, the occasional stiffness).
Declaring the Democratic ticket ``the new guard,'' Gore spoke briefly at Burbank Airport, where he was joined by his running mate, Sen.
Gores plans to work together with management to maintain the company's pre-eminent position and also provide the support required to explore new growth opportunities for the business.
Caught a cab to the vice president's house this afternoon to check out a protest by Bushies who want Al Gore to vacate what they now consider to be Dick Cheney's pad.
Under the terms of the agreement, Gores will assume assets and liabilities of Micron Electronics' PC business, which includes a $70 million cash contribution to working capital from Micron Electronics.
It is sad that Gores had to resort to making personal attacks rather than speaking to the issues.
Gores Technology Group (GTG) is a leading international technology acquisition and management company with an aggressive strategy of acquiring promising high-technology organizations, products and services, and managing them for increased growth and profitability.
Pending the closing, Gores will operate the real-time business, retaining any positive cash flow and bearing any negative cash flow, pursuant to a management contract which will provide for a monthly management fee of $100,000 which will be fully refunded to Encore on closing.
Established in 1978, Gores has grown into a worldwide operation specializing in identifying and acquiring independent software companies or business divisions, and managing them for growth and profitability.
In what is likely to remain the signature moment of the campaign, Democratic nominee Al Gore grabbed his wife Tipper in front of thousands of screaming delegates at the party convention in Los Angeles and kissed her passionately for--according to authoritative sources--more than three seconds.
A weary, unshaven Vice President Al Gore and his 16-year-old son successfully finished their climb of Mount Rainier on Friday night, striding out of a cold mist before sunset to shake hands with well-wishers.
Paul Lines, Managing Director of Brand-Rex, stated, "We are excited to join the Gores portfolio of companies.