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This 12-week programme is packed with workout tips, nutritional advice and lifestyle tips - all designed with the ultimate goal of ensuring women turn heads with their gorgeousness on beaches from Blackpool to Barbados.
com/MileyCyrus/status/300407408293982208/photo/1) writing "Pregrammy gorgeousness.
And yet, as these pages also testify, the gentle gorgeousness and decency and shrewdness of the poetry is never far removed from the poet himself.
Gorgeousness does not come cheap, though, find it in John Lewis, priced pounds 88.
I'm really looking forward to an evening of cosy and lovely gorgeousness, which will allow us to try some things out and let people hear what we're about.
The veteran power-pop outfit Blue Cartoon dials down the intensity and ramps up the gorgeousness on ``September Songs'' (Aardvark), a splendid collection for fans of shimmering midtempo ballads that's well worth seeking out.
The bunny becomes a symbol of va-va-voom gorgeousness, an unabashed sex object, as the work's title, a dropped aitch away from the Koons/Cicciolina porn series, hints.
Carry yourself confidently, and stop thinking he's some god of gorgeousness.
Something intuitive, some unanalyzed driving spirit of loyalty to the inherent racial need for gorgeousness told her that bright colors were fitting and that dark-complexioned people should wear yellow, green, and red.
Nevertheless, it is my heartfelt belief that the future of such on-line auctions does not lie in the realm of interactive gorgeousness.
Her poems have a gorgeousness that can seem, at times, too lofty, as in "The Kingdom":
Imagine a glossy, color illustrated collection of contemporary art all yours to browse at your leisure, a treasure trove of sexiness and gorgeousness.