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Because of its Jewish Christian orientation and because of the name Matthew in 9:9, the Gospel of Matthew was considered as written earlier than Mark.
As the pageant erupts onto Hope Street, entertainers and performers will be getting the crowd warmed up with gospel music, street acts and dance.
In the case of the gospel, which Yoder wants to return to its specific Jewish conditions of emergence, any effort to protect its message by rendering it in more universal or more general terms is to improperly identify the gospel with an imperialist project--making the gospel appear as the bigger and broader thing, rather than as the specific historical event witnessed by Jews in Palestine over twenty centuries ago.
Religious historians note that back in the 1950s radio and TV evangelists like Oral Roberts (and his Expect a Miracle show) were preaching the prosperity gospel to the same working- and middle-class audiences watching Queen for a Day.
Pianist Dorothy Cage will perform a medley of old-time gospel music.
The Gospel Music Association boasts more than 4,200 members, including record company professionals, aspiring and established artists/writers/ musicians, concert promoters, radio professionals, retailers, publishers, producers, booking agents, managers, and more.
The Gospel of Judas and other recently discovered gospels demonstrate "how diverse and fascinating the early Christian movement really was," remarks religion professor Elaine Pagels of Princeton University.
There is something about gospel music that speaks to the soul.
It is time for us to realize the gospel, and to consider upon what terms we took up profession, and what the cross of Christ means.
As a child growing up on Air Force bases, Robert Darden recalls first hearing black gospel music in the homes of his black friends.
Many of the essays in this book were first presented as papers at conferences on the Social Gospel at the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School or at the American Society of Church History.
GOSPEL music can really trace its roots to the late 19th and early 20th century American musicians.