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In addition to recognizing the year's most outstanding contributions in gospel music, The Stellar Awards will also bestow special honors upon President Barack Obama with the Thomas A.
When the National Museum of African American History and Culture [NMAAHC] opens in 2015 on the National Mall in Washington, Baylor University will have made a valuable contribution to the new museum by allowing access to the school's renowned Black Gospel Music Restoration Project.
SOUL MAN: Steve Smith, formerly of Almondbury, who has just released the British Black Gospel music book (below) - the first of its kind hud200110gospel.
One of the limitations presented in writing a paper such as this is access to some of the practitioners in the gospel music field to get their much-needed feedback on the topic.
The harmonized quartet style of singing gospel music, popular for a century in the American South, is the subject of this pioneering chronicle.
Goff's riveting account of the internecine struggle within the Gospel Music Association during the 1970s and 1980s between the traditional southern gospel faction, which resented the encroachment of contemporary Christian performers, and the more liberal faction, is especially compelling and reveals the extent to which the personal values of one group conflicted with those of another group.
Gospel music groups adapted and successfully participated in country music shows such as the Ernest Tubb show, Flatt and Scruggs, and the Gospel Singing Jubilee, begun in 1964 by Showbiz Inc.
Uncloudy Days: The Gospel Music Encyclopedia contains more than 100 interviews that reveal many of these stories for the first time.
As this album's producer, Gordon Lorenz, writes in the sleeve notes accompanying the double CD, the mid 19th century onwards was the golden era of American gospel song although earlier decades had also produced classic gospel music.
The television platform struggled to increase its distribution beyond 16 million subscribers on cable and, in May, merged with the Gospel Music Channel.
There will be a huge street party on Hope Street with the central idea of using gospel music to bring people together and make the city sing.