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Using Melanesia as its ethnographic focus, this collection documents and analyses some contemporary transformations in governmentality, in the art of making people governable.
Instead, rendering an issue or activity governable is a creative process during which the risk is framed and possible responses are constructed.
The book's title The Crisis of Capitalist Democracy is rooted in Posner's doubt about "whether America is [any longer] governable.
By giving citizens the tools to participate actively in their political system, democracy education increases the potential for that participation to result in stable, governable countries more likely to deliver the peace and prosperity their citizens expected from democratic rule.
The important point of our sovereign way of cultivating for the body and self is not turning ourselves into a governable object of power, but giving a style to our activities, behaviors, conducts etc.
more easily governable pieces bearing names such as Shasta, Columbia, El Dorado, and Alta California.
It is, in essence, a set of techniques by which state authorities act through rather than on the designated individuals and communities to render them governable (15, 21).
As the American economist Mancur Olson verifies, even in Western multiparty democracies, the behaviour of individuals and firms in stable societies leads to the formation of dense networks of collusive, cartelistic and lobbying organisations that make economies less efficient and dynamic and polities less governable.
The question is rather about levels of governance: how governable are these places?
The nation is thus the family unit scaled up yet still within governable social community proportions.
Tietmeyer Is a strategist and a key figure in international crisis management, which, on the national, European, and international levels, strives to render the economic crisis of the imperialist system governable and to prevent the collapse of the economic and financial system.
By comparison, it makes Iraq already seem like a mature democracy, Afghanistan appear governable one day, and Syria a place more fortunate.