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New sets of behavioral guidelines were needed--to govern relations between governors and the governed, for example, or to manage trade and commerce.
67) Commentators have suggested that an attorney is not permitted to practice before the IRS and thus not governed by Circular 230 unless the practitioner files a power of attorney.
of All's Well--ruptures of syntax and dramatic action--lead Snyder to a meditation on Shakespeare's characterization of Helen as an ironic, active lover in a world governed by patriarchal demands.
CCT will continue to be governed by the existing five independent trustees, and the resignations of the Calpine representatives are not expected to have an adverse effect on the management or corporate governance of the Fund or CCT or their operations.
It should be noted that not all stock: sales are governed under Prop.
Karlen has held most of the functional positions within a physician owned and governed company.
Although Letter Ruling 9709052 might be read as a shift in IRS position, the cautious practitioner should assume that there has been no change in the Service's position established by Letter Ruling 9501027 on the restoration of deferred intercompany items that continue to be governed by the former regulations.
Conventus, New Jersey's Only Physician-Owned and Governed Professional Liability Insurer, Signs Strategic Alliance with Rightfield Solutions, LLC
Citing the tragedy of that once great showcase of multiethnic harmony now rent apart by factional warfare, concerned legislators will attempt to preserve the old Los Angeles as a monument to the principle that a collective of diverse peoples can be governed.
In general, definitions can be divided into two categories, those governed by Sec.
Navigant Consulting brings expertise to the food industry in regulatory matters governed by HACCP, and the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (the Act).
But the states governed by opposition include all of the largest and wealthiest in Mexico.

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