governing body

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Parents collected a petition, demonstrated alongside teaching unions outside the school and passed a vote of no confidence in the governing body.
At all times the governing body has acted within the law and with great care.
Maharaja Agrasen College, for instance, has its governing body meeting scheduled on Wednesday.
A governing body member said: " We read the high court judgment and noticed that it had not yet decided on whether the teachers should teach at the annual or semester level.
Many parents, ourselves included, have made enquiries and approaches to the Governing Body and have either been ignored, or received cursory and uninformative responses.
Closing the council's case yesterday, barrister Andrew Warnock said disbanding the "dysfunctional" governing body would have been "very much a last resort" and "an extreme step" for the council to take.
The governing body rejected such a move in the last vote in 2003.
Symptoms that boards are not operating effectively or are on the verge of dysfunction include: high vacancy/turnover rates; poor attendance; presence of permanent factions; the absence of written records; a "them versus us" relationship with the governing body; or board recommendations that are consistently rejected by the governing body.
The WCC's governing body also reaffirmed one of its own earlier statements that "criticism of the policies of the Israeli government is not in itself anti-Jewish.
ISLAMABAD -- Governing body of Workers Welfare Fund (WWF) has approved Rs 22.
This was decided in the governing body meeting of the college held under the chairmanship of chairman governing body and administrator Karachi Sajjad Hussain Abbasi here on Wednesday.
Paul O'Shea was elected head of Eastern High School's governing body in November but has chosen to stand down after just two months in post.