governing factors

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This study provides a comprehensive analysis of the global electrical stimulation devices market and helps in identifying the market governing factors.
This industry assessment is majorly focused on surgical procedures and helps in identifying various industry governing factors.
The report provides in-depth analysis of parent market trends, macro-economic indicators and governing factors along with market attractiveness as per segments.
The initiative - which would be part of the Mersey Waters Enterprise Zone - is currently undergoing a staged approval process and remains subject to a number of significant external governing factors.
To which Justice Antonin Scalia added (in responding to the four justices that wanted to stop the law from being implemented while challenges went forward), "In sum, the dissent would vacate the Court of Appeals' stay without expressly rejecting that court's analysis of any of the governing factors.
He added: "As [Business Minister] Edwina Hart said earlier, one of the governing factors of our success has been the teamwork between the Welsh Government, the workers, unions and Ford.
From the installation viewpoint," Parmar explained, "flow and pumpability are related and are the governing factors for limiting pumping pressure and rate of pumping.
Coverage includes creating a positive school culture; the classical, individual decision-making model; shared decision making; key stakeholders; rationality; feeling empowered and the power to empower; faculty buy-in; parent participation; the school improvement process; and external governing factors and internal bureaucracies.
The governing factors are polymer particle size, thermal conductivity, softening temperature, and melt viscoelasticity.
Foreign intervention and European imperialism and its search for space were governing factors in determining the history of land ownership and the straggle against foreign ownership.
Most trainers will tell you ages ahead of the Festival that Horse A is a SunAlliance Chase horse or that Horse B is a County Hurdle type, but Pipe clearly works on the basis that Horse A and B are Cheltenham types and, depending on a whole set of governing factors to be chewed over at the very last minute, he will then make up his mind what is the best race for them.
In other cases, regulations are the governing factors.