governing plan

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It was people on the left, from Ciudadanos por el Cambio, who were put in charge of preparing the campaign's governing plan.
Looking toward a second round of voting, and a fight for votes at the center of the electoral spectrum, Gana Peru, Humala's five-party coalition, adopted a strategy of moderating the proposals in its original governing plan.
The trip suggests that Annan is eager to have Tehran on board for any possible peace deal or transitional governing plan that may emerge for Syria.
you are allowed, under the terms of your governing plan document, to remain employed while receiving an in-service hardship withdrawal.
Progress Energy employees generally vest in their retirement benefit after five years; however, bargaining and nonbargaining pension plan vesting rules vary and eligibility will be based on the respective governing plan documents.
Fortunately, last May the Federal Communications Commission relaxed some of the rules governing Plan B.
Members of the two panels rewriting the City Charter failed again on Tuesday to reach agreement on when a new governing plan for Los Angeles should take effect.
Aspen Law & Business (New York) has also published Pension Administration Forms System, a single volume reference compilation, with CD--ROM, of all current ERISA, IRS and DOL rules governing plan administration as well as "easy to implement" plan forms.
Thus, the court stated it could not void the elimination of the termination allowance program even if, as a result of Warnaco's negligence, it failed to notify the Altoona employees of the program's termination within 210 days after the end of the plan year in which the change was adopted (as required by ERISA Section 104(b)(1)), or failed to make available for examination at the plan administrator's principal office a copy of governing plan documents, including any bona fide plan amendments (as required by ERISA Section 104(b)(2)).
Under the previous regulations, guidelines governing plan administration required limited involvement of the plan sponsor and generally allowed plan participants to make all choices and deal directly with the retirement plan provider to enroll, move assets or to arrange for distributions.
Speaking to Angop the official mentioned that in the present agriculture season, under the governing plan going until 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture plans to attain food self-reliance in tubers like cassava, sweet potato and potato with a production of about 4 to 5 tons per year.
Washington and its allies insist that Assad must go as part of any UN-approved transition governing plan for Syria.